Insanity Rules

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled on whether blacklegs (workers crossing a union picket line) can be photographed. The union had posted a notice warning "If you cross the line, we may post your photo on the internet". ... Our “wise men” decided that photographing them is fine, because it “protects freedom of speech”.  Er ... ?



On a side note, Canada still has a “closed-shop” law. If 51% of your workers join the union, you are then forced to FIRE the other 49% unless they too join the union. This is necessary to protect freedom of ... er ...



My dog got a urine infection (boy, was he smelly!) I wanted to treat him, but knew that any local vet would insist on doing a “general health assessment and tests”, to use up several hundred dollars. Searching on the web, I found a hugely helpful post on, where a Mr. Howland told me what to use, how much, and where to buy it. And my dog's fine.



... But I was astonished to find a spate of posts fiercely criticizing the hapless Howland, because "people are too stupid to treat their own dogs"! Children may be dying of poverty diseases all round the world, but OUR dogs must have first-class professional help.



My vote for successful fraud this year goes to Ha:agen-Dasz ice cream. This ice cream was invented and marketed, not by Danes or Swedes, but by Reuben Mattus, who lives in that part of Scandinavia often known as the Bronx, Brooklyn. He invented this name precisely to give the false impression of healthier origins. And succeeded! Unforch his knowledge of Scandinavia was lacking – the names do not fit the spelling of any European language.



Spectacles evidently identify us. On a search for new frames, my daughter scrutinized the racks and announced “You can be boring, gay or pedophile”! Yes – I chose boring.



In their enthusiasm to liberate women from the kitchen, early feminists greatly denigrated the joys of parenting. Now the demand for free day-care is escalating in every country. I wonder if anyone will one day rediscover what fun it is to look after bright happy little kids, without having to rush to take/collect them and meet deadlines?