Duty and double-speak

One Christian woman, L, announced “I don't love you any more” to her husband. Another, W, announced “I'm a lesbian”. There is a curious parallel between these two statements. Both are true ... but not as presented!



What L really means is “I don't feel in love with you now, like I used to”. This is true. It's a feeling, not a fact. But she announces it as an event - an act of God! “The flame has gone out”. “It's all gone, there's nothing left”. It sounds like a discovery, but it's actually a decision, a choice about her future actions - “Obviously I can't stay with him”. The mythical event has become a justification for action, outweighing vows, duty, promises.



Y means “I'm really enjoying having a romantic girlfriend”. True, it feels great. But again it's presented as an event - “I've discovered I'm a goat, not a sheep”. Again it is a decision about the future, a reason to live a different lifestyle, despite one's Christian beliefs.



In both cases the “reason” is a pretence, a justification for just doing what you feel. ... Maybe it's fine to do whatever you feel like, but let's be honest?



*    *    *    *    *


A relative came up with an interesting view of MDE (depression as a mental illness). She suggested it's like zooming out, switching to the low-power lens on life.



In normal mood you concentrate on now – this minute, this food, this conversation – and enjoy it. (Or suffer it, if it's your mother-in-law.)



But in depression you pull back, and view the whole day, the whole month, your life. No money - he's left - ghastly apartment - family feud - aching back, etc. So you don't enjoy this minute, even if it's good food or chatting to a great friend. Nor the next minute.  It's all spoiled by the “big picture”.

So nothing God sends can cheer you up!


*    *    *    *    *


And a friend announced a truly bizarre therapy. He has severe ulcerative colitis, but is controlling it with ozone gas “insufflation” – i.e. squirting the gas directly up into his colon! Apparently if you get the dose right, this works wonders for that very nasty (and sometimes terminal) condition.

Amazing what God has put on the earth for us to discover.



Of course, if the pressure-regulator valve on the ozone cylinder goes wrong, the outcome does not bear thinking about ...