Wrong Again

At her death, a (female) politician announced that "Margaret Thatcher has been a model for female politicians ever since”. Really?

Here is what she modeled. Margaret opposed the ending of apartheid and opposed the reinstatement of Mandela. She was against the reunification of Germany and dismantling the Berlin Wall. She supported the “Star Wars” armament system in the USA. She declared war on Argentina when diplomatic solutions were readily available (but would not have restored her vanishing popularity at home). She was so unpleasant to work with (imperious and dismissive) that she was finally deposed by her own political party.

I can't wait for her successor ...

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The most exhaustive survey of human sexual behavior ever performed was by Albert Kinsey about 60 years ago. It's careful and methodical, covering maybe 10,000 people interviewed. But if you quote it you will be ridiculed as old-fashioned - “Things are so different now”. Well, are they? Let's see ...

On 11 April 2013 Canada's Globe&Mail quoted a big (over 1,000 men) new study of MSM (men who have sex with men – what St. Paul calls “arsenokoitai”, literally “men-bedders” in Greek). Of the MSMs studied: 20% were “married” to a man, 20% were “married” to a woman, and 60% had no serious attachment. A professor reviewing the study remarked “As Kinsey told us years ago, there are not just sheep and goats out there ... there's a whole spectrum”. In other words, human behavior does not support the popular idea that there are “gays and straights”, just like Albert said.

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There is a nicely written (but very long) article supporting homosexuality at http://www.gaychristian.net/justins_view.php#footnote3

The 3 arguments used are so common that they are worth reviewing.

(1) The Bible doesn't condemn gays.

The Bible doesn't condemn anyone. But it does condemn homosexual acts, in 8-10 places, half of them in the NT. In fact, 100% of the references are unfavorable.

(2) They were condemning boy prostitutes, not gays.

Dream on. No evidence whatever for this. And the OT references were written before the Greeks invented catamites.

(3) God, who is Love, wouldn't condemn a relationship between two men who really love each other.

He doesn't!  He condemns sex, not love, between two men. He condemns sex between father and daughter too, but not the love between them.

One more argument occurs to me. If being gay is just fine, as we all know now - why has every human society condemned it during almost the entire 5,000 years of recorded history?

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Ever wonder why, ever since Biblical times, the oldest son gets the entire farm? (The younger brothers have to join the Army, or priesthood, or whatever.)  Bit unfair, eh?

Well, here's my guess. Until 100 years ago there were no pensions, no sick pay, unemployment pay, etc. So the son inherited the farm AND all the dependents living on it – grandparents, single aunts, sick cousins, defective children ... He needed the whole farm to support them!

And a quick commercial. My beloved old car is now worthless, despite still running. So I called up a charity (Teen Challenge), filled in a web form – and they came to the door and took it away! And sent me a tax receipt as well! Wow, convenient.

And a moan. All these electric-shock safety gadgets (“ground circuit fault interrupters”) are useless! They are based on a false principle. They cut the power as soon as current starts to flow down the “local ground” wire. If you stick your finger on a live wire while holding onto the frame of the heater, lamp, etc, the GCFI will cut out and save you.

But that's not how people die! Almost all domestic shock-deaths happen in the washroom. You're turning on a tap, or standing in the bath, and you touch a live wire. The current leaps through you, through the water, and DOWN THE WATER-PIPE to the ground – neatly avoiding the local ground wire. So you fry, while the GCFI gadget slumbers happily on.

Baffling, 'cos we already have the technology for a real safety gadget. Just check that the live-wire current is ALL coming back down the neutral-wire, shut off if some is missing. Easy, eh?    Bill, are you listening?