Modern Religion

We went to an Anglican church on Christmas morning. A nice service. But I noticed the words “Father” and “Son” had been carefully removed from all the prayers – we prayed to “Creator ... Jesus ... and Holy Spirit”. Well, OK, perhaps you can pray however you wish.

BUT, then we came to the Lord's Prayer, which started “Creator God, Your Name be hallowed ...”. Hey, wait a minute! That's Jesus's words you're messing with! So I looked to see what their pew Bible says in Matthew 6.

Guess what? There were no pew Bibles. “We used to have them, but people stopped using them”, the usher told me. Maybe they didn't like Jesus's words?

An interesting study has shown that monkeys gain more weight if they nibble all day long, rather than eat the SAME amount of food all at once! Is this why we have an obesity epidemic – too many snacks, and no formal meals?

Best bumper sticker: “There's no place like”

Quote of the month: “In America, gun control means using both hands.”