Is this all meaningless?

It's beautiful, isn't it - but why? Ever asked your atheist friends this?


Let's face it, there are only two possibilities: all this was created, or it wasn't. Right?

If it wasn't created, it "just happened" by chance.We're looking at a random array of atoms and molecules. That sunset cannot "possess" beauty - or any other value. It's meaningless, like a pile of sand. Your brain just happens to LIKE looking at it, and tells you it's wonderful. The beauty is an illusion.


So "Just Happened" gives no reason for this pleasure. Even Richard Dawkins is stumped - it's hard to see any evolutionary value here, eh?

Modern philosophers will tell you "Ah, but Beauty is an independent quality!" But that evades the question. If Beauty exists independently of us, who created it? It Just Happened?

But now suppose the sunset WAS created by Someone? Then we too were created by the same Person, right? So it's likely that the Creator INTENDED us to look at the sunset, and designed our response to it. Because He loves us, He filled the world with pleasures for us. Makes more sense, doesn't it.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that God is really there, behind the scenes, invisible. But it's even harder to believe there never was a God, that nothing possesses real beauty. "The heavens proclaim Thy handiwork!"


The God Or Not team.


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