Why does God hate gay men?

Is it true that God is against homosexual behaviour between men? It doesn't make sense!



If you were raised in the West in the last 3 decades, you know for a fact that homosexual men are kind, healthy, loving people. You know they are just as devoted and faithful to their partner as heterosexuals are. You know that homosexual relationships last just as long as heterosexual marriages, and are just as good at raising children. You know that some men are BORN homosexual, and have no choice.



But you also know that the Bible condemns sex between men. Why? How can this be?



Well, there are only 3 possible answers we can choose from:


(1) the Bible doesn't really condemn gay men, it's a misunderstanding


(2) the Bible is wrong


(3) everything we know about gays is false.



Let's look at them one by one. (We'll talk about gay men. Lesbians are so different from gay men that it's unwise to lump them together.)



(1) the Bible doesn't really condemn gay men?



Churches spent a lot of effort 20 years ago trying to prove this. You may have heard the arguments:


- 2,000 years ago people didn't really understand gays


- the Bible is really talking about boy prostitutes, not adult gays


- the words have been mis-translated



Well, amazingly, people in Biblical times were just as intelligent as us. And there were just as many homosexuals back then. They knew about gay men, wrote about them, understood them. We have much more advanced science - but science hasn't helped much on this issue, has it?



In Greece and probably Rome there was indeed a custom of having boy prostitutes ("catamites"). But most of the Biblical passages deal with adults. And the OT passages deal with Israel, which didn't have this custom.



Translation is sometimes difficult. But the exact word that Paul wrote (or dictated) in two places in his letters, in his original Greek, is "arsenokoitai". It literally says "men-bedders" ... men who take men to bed with them. There is only one way to translate this word! It is exactly "MSM" (men who have sex with men).



OK, let's try ...


(2) The Bible might be wrong. ALL its writers who mention homosexuality might be wrong.



But the Bible has been right over a lot of things, hasn't it? Over and over again. And we believe God has deliberately inspired men to write the Bible books for us, for us to learn from. So why would God allow such an error, repeatedly (about 10 times)?




The only alternative is ...


(3) Everything you know for a fact about gays might be wrong?



Is that possible? How could we all be wrong?



Well, everyone has been wrong before. Two centuries ago every man knew for a fact that women were weak, feeble creatures who could never take a leadership position. And everyone knew that blacks were feeble-minded and could never benefit from a proper education or hold a responsible job. Everyone knew this.



They were ALL wrong, weren't they?



But wait - you've seen with your own eyes that gays are perfectly OK as lovers and parents, right?



Have you? How many long-"married" gay men couples have you known? How many families raised by two gay men have you known? One? Two?



You know about heterosexual marriage from personal experience - you've met hundreds of couples, known many of them for years, and seen how they behave. But what about gay men?



Isn't it true that you've just "picked up" your knowledge about gay men? From talking to friends, from books and movies, from magazines and news broadcasts? So what you "know" about gays comes from what people are saying, and writing.



Is it possible that ALL these modern writers and directors are painting a false picture?



Fantastic? Well, consider this. For the first 1,900 years, Christians had no difficulty whatever with the Biblical teaching against homosexuality! Evidently they "knew" quite different things from what we know today. Could they have been right, and us wrong?



So what can you personally do?



Well, you can find out for yourself whether the Bible is right or wrong! Go find out - see for yourself.



Here's what to do. Look for real live gay men, and see what they're like. Ignore the media - make up your own mind. Jesus said "By their fruits you will know them". So go and see what the fruits of the homosexual lifestyle are. Does it bring health, happiness, stability?

Then remember that God loves ALL of us.  He doesn't hate anyone - not gays, nor homophobics, nor unfaithful spouses ...   He does hate some of the things that we do (same as we hate some things our own children do) - but he will always welcome us back.


The God-Or-Not Team



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