Ben: [Reading a magazine] Hey Adam!  Listen to this - "Addiction to web porn and masturbation is now one of the 5 most common of ALL addictions in North America"!

Adam: Pornography? Masturbation? Yeuch!! Why are we even talking about such sordid things? Didn't Paul say "Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things"? We are a civilized, healthy society!

text-for-blindOh, I realize there is an underworld, sure. Drunken men watch strippers and masturbate, losers hire prostitutes, drug-addicts get sex in crack houses, bikers gang-rape ... but all that's rare! The media love it, but it's not a problem really - a tiny minority.

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Ben: Tiny minority? No. MOST people masturbate! 80 years ago a research team carefully interviewed over 10,000 Americans. Around 90% of men were masturbating fairly regularly - including married men with active sex lives. And this was before Internet porn!

Adam: OK. But that's just masturbation - that's a fairly normal habit? Healthy, totally private, doesn't do any damage. That doesn't mean they're in trouble watching pornography, surely?

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Ben: Sounds like they're watching porn as well. Listen:

- 700 people start a connection to PornHub every second

- 25,000 of them are watching porn right now, this second

- they're spending $3000 per second watching porn (not to mention the free stuff)

- 10% of ALL web downloads are porn videos etc
- 8% of all emails are porn - more than 2 BILLION emails daily
- 47% of US families include a porn problem and others

It says the average time a person watches porn is 15 minutes - so guess what they're doing at the same time ...

Adam: Um. That's bad. But these are mostly drunks and weirdos and lonely old men, right?

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