Q.  Evolution proves there is no God? George Bush and many intelligent Christians believe this.  But they know from personal experience that God exists.  So they are obliged to disbelieve evolution.  This is "Creationism" - and causes endless arguments!   But this is silly.  Who cares whether evolution is true or not? 
Evolution proves there's no God?
Jesus was just a good teacher - all that God stuff was added later.  Pure myth, right?   Many people like Jesus's teachings. Love and kindness are good ... we should care for the sick and the poor ... racism and sexism are bad ... family is important ... etc. But they
Jesus was just a good teacher?
Q: Why do good people suffer?Why all the suffering in the world? Three big questions here. One is - Why me? What have I done to deserve this?Our pastor is a wonderful, kind, faithful man, who has spent his whole life serving God. Recently his lovely wife got Alzheimer's, and
Why do good people suffer?
It's beautiful, isn't it - but why? Ever asked your atheist friends this?   Let's face it, there are only two possibilities: all this was created, or it wasn't. Right? If it wasn't created, it "just happened" by chance.We're looking at a random array of atoms and molecules. That sunset cannot "possess"
Is this all meaningless?
No sex before marriage is an outdated idea. Surely a trial marriage makes sense? Before we make a lifelong commitment, we want to check that out?   "Sexual incompatibility" is a brilliant invention - it has tricked countless women into having sex before they really wanted to. (And perhaps men.) But does
Surely trial marriage makes sense?
If someone complains "the church is full of hypocrites", we usually answer "there's always room for one more" ... but it's a fair complaint, isn't it!  Why aren't Christians nicer, more honest, more kind?Some people feel very strongly about this. G and F, a couple in London, were so upset
How come Christians do bad things?
Q:  If there's a loving God, why is there so much suffering in the world?There are 3 big questions here.-  why is the world full of disasters?-  why do bad things happen to good people?-  why doesn't God intervene and stop the tragedies?Let's take the first one.  Why are there
Why Is There Suffering?
Is it true that God is against homosexual behaviour between men? It doesn't make sense!     If you were raised in the West in the last 3 decades, you know for a fact that homosexual men are kind, healthy, loving people. You know they are just as devoted and faithful to their
Why does God hate gay men?
If you've prayed (the word means "asked") for things, you know that God sometimes gives you what you asked - but not always! Why? How can a loving God let his beloved children suffer, and just do nothing?One friend (a reverend) insists that God CAN'T intervene - because if He
Q: Why doesn't God intervene, answer our prayers, work a miracle?
  A keystone in Jewish and Christian belief is faith in God. The supreme example of faith is the Bible story where God commands Abraham to kill his own son Isaac as a sacrifice to God. Abraham agrees, and is praised for placing his loyalty above morality. An atheist asks: "How can

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Is Masturbation a problem? 14pt


Yes!  God made the world for us to enjoy -h3


including sex, our strongest drive.  But the Devil is using it as a tool to enslave us (especially men), destroying our happiness.  12pt


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https://www.amazon.com/Samson-Pirate-Monks-Authentic-Brotherhood/dp/0849914590  8pt


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Here are the facts, mostly from published data:  10pt

 *** Most men masturbate (married or not!) 18pt

80 years ago Kinsey's research team carefully interviewed 10,000 Americans, many of them college students.  90% of men have masturbated.  This includes married men with an active sex life.

http://www.indiana.edu/~kinsey/research/ak-data.html#Questions :default?

60% of adult men have masturbated in the past year, especially in their twenties (83% in the past year). h3

https://www.google.ca/#q=incidence+male+masturbation+pornography&gws_rd=cr  24pt

In a 2010 survey, more than half of adult women under age 50 reported masturbating in the past 3 months.  36pt


 ***Most Christian men feel very guilty about it - many are viewing porn videos while masturbating. h1

At a large Christian conference in Hamilton in 2013, most of the (male) audience admitted to problems with porn and masturbation.  50% of them responded publicly to an altar-call offering forgiveness for watching pornography. h2

(Personal observation) h3

Of about 5,000 men at a Promise Keepers conference in Oakville around 15 years ago, over 90% reported internet porn as their biggest problem. h4

(Personal observation) h5
Many men masturbate while watching pornography.  In Norway in 2013 63% of men under 50 had watched porn videos.
http://blogs.psychcentral.com/sex/2013/05/the-prevalence-of-porn/#_ednref2  - h6

 The problem is so bad in the UK that in 2012*** Prime Minister David Cameron forced major Internet service providers to apply porn filters to all mobile and broadband services. People must choose to opt in or out of porn.  The move has proved hugely popular.
Most schoolchildren have viewed pornography.
40% of teenage boys are watching porn regularly.    @3
and yet ...
No church sermons mention masturbation!     @4
Is there a problem here?
@3:   teens

A study in 2014*** found 90% of Canadians aged 8-16 have viewed porn online, usually while doing their homework. 40% per cent of boys in Grades 7-11 seek it out regularly.  The numbers are increasing, particularly among teenage boys.
“porn-induced erectile dysfunction” and Reboot Nation site:

@4:  church silent

The silence of the Christian church on this subject is astounding, and terrifies Christian men.  Some construe it as a total rejection by God and the church.  Most of us have never heard any mention of masturbation from the pulpit!  Charles*** Spurgeon once prayed publicly over a young man asking God to “deliver him from his disgusting habit”!*** - but offered no further advice.***  ref***

There are occasional exceptions.  Leslie Weatherhead, a Methodist*** pastor, wrote a book XXXXXXXX*** in 19***.  The Meeting House church (Burlington Ont) recorded a podcast discussion in 2014*** - link***.